By: ©Saccheen Laing

My mother combed my hair that bright and promising morning

The sun was blazing but the place was so cool and calm

The calm before the storm

But I didn't know this yet

She placed my bows in hair uneven were the lines that framed my braids

She showed me my uniform and tied my shoes lace

Just like she did every morning

My mother always wore long dresses

I just thought it was the way to dress as a woman

Later on I found out that it was to cover the open cuts on her unpleasant flesh

My father came in and took his seat

Clothes so clean and water dripping from his face

As he ate all that his obedient wife had laid on his plate

My innocence was still protected within my body

As my breasts continued to protrude

My hips no longer on the straight path

As curves came in and out

My innocence was what men were seeking to take from me

My father was my protector

So I remained calm nothing to fear even though men whispered in my ears

But that morning was the last sunshine I would see

As my father hit my mother the cups and picture frames shattered from the force of his hand

My mother lay on the floor

As if she was permanently placed there

He kicked her outside and closed the door

A silent message to show that she was needed in our house no more

My father came over me and kissed my cheeks

He untied my uniform

An then touched where my innocence lay

I questioned his actions

But he silenced my words by pushing his tongue down my throat

He moaned from the kiss a if he took pleasure in his child

He opened his pants and told me to touch what no child should ever touch

I touched it as I was grown up to obey my father even though I know deep down it wasn't right

He parted my little legs and pushed all of him inside me

While his big hands encircled my developing breasts

I didn't cry as I felt nothing

My mind was far gone from what was taking place

This continued for hours

My white sheet which once signified my innocence was now covered in blood

The man who should love me

Had wounded me and ripped my little heart from my body

I was only ten the life I was looking forward to

In my mind had just come to an end

My father was the man who I looked up to

But he pushed me on my knees

As he forced himself within me once more

My knees rubbed on the floor

Each minute went by all love was no more

The sun went down outside

And so too did the light in my life

My father had abused me

From morning till night

Tribute to Dominic James

This poem was written and delivered by Saccheen Laing. Video and editing was done by Kemstylestudios

"They tell me to make my future my priority but is there a promise of even a tomorrow? The gunshots increase and I see my teacher calling out for us to leave. Four bodies on the ground, promises of bright futures now buried."-Saccheen Laing

This poem is called life breaks us. I wrote this poem at the end of 2014 as I reflected on the year. In life we all go through the ups and downs and at times we simply just have to find some strength from somewhere to left us up and again. We can't depend on anyone to figure it out for us we have to do it ourselves.

A poem that highlights some of the common issues with relationships. This poem was taken from my poetry called The Poet's Escape available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble.