The Curly Hair Club

The Curly Hair Club is the story of one girl named Carly, who struggles to love her natural hair. Carly not only overcame her struggles, but she allowed other girls like her to fall in love with their natural hair as well.

The Voice of Jamaica

The Voice of Jamaica highlights social conditions affecting young people in Jamaica. This book shows current Jamaica through the eyes of a Jamaican young lady by using poetry.

Stripped Souls

In a world that focuses mostly on the physical connections between partners this book looks into the mental connection that is so often ignored. You will be able to feel the love in each line of poetry and grow an appreciation for the art of seduction through the power of words. This book will allow you to understand that the concept of love making starts with the attraction of minds than the attractions of the body. Sometimes we try to look forward but our eyes only reflect the happiness of those who have left us. We try to be strong but our eyes show our weakness as we walk through life. Our tears flow from time to time and the world laughs at us but we have to find an oasis where we can let our souls be free. This book offers the perfect oasis for the escape of your soul.

The Poet's Escape

In life we face many struggles. We create these concepts in our minds of how life should be and when things don’t turn out how we planned we sometimes don’t know how to get over those disappointments. This book will show you that the problems you face as a young person aren’t unique to you. We all go through different things in life and we sometimes don’t know how best to deal with it. For me, poetry has always been my means of escape. I pour my soul and my entire life into poetry. This book will show you a bit of how my mind works and how I view the world.

“Spend more time to learn the skill of contouring your mind. Spend more time to highlight the hidden features of your mind. The world is filled with beautiful faces what we need are more beautiful minds”-Saccheen Laing

Poetic Queens

As a young lady growing up in these times isn't the easiest of things. We are constantly told to be proud of how we look and to always be confident. Often times we are told to be proud of ourselves by people who aren't proud of themselves. What I mean is that you will see an influential individual share an image of flawless skin and beautiful long flowing hair with a caption of love me with all my flaws and all. If you are indeed proud of these flaws why are they hidden? This poetry book dives into the poetic mind of queens. We know what we want and we want to share our thoughts with the world through poetry. If you are wearing a fake crown my queen this book will help you to embrace your natural crown.